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the next hiroshima
For sure it's impossible to cover everything considering the size of their country, you are absolutely right about that. Residential stuff and infrastructure is the so-called "2nd class" when they thi...
the next hiroshima
I'm pretty sure countries has some kind of solution to EMPs, I doubt we know it and it would be just dumb to tell it publicly.
the next hiroshima
So throwing Nuclear waste into the ocean is a good idea?
Low tax ?
How is argumenting "shit-talk"?
Low tax ?
I'm actually looking for web courses&lectures for this summer (unless I get a summer job). The point is that there is some FREE courses for my studies and it might speed up my graduation, or at least ...
Leftists come
He said that attacks against Europeans (especially children) was enough. He had seen enough extreme Muslims
Leftists come
Extreme muslims*
About Notre Dame...
When you make such a claim that you "helped" those victims, why would you even bring it up if you can't prove that you bought those aid kits? I help Yemenis, I send them aid kits and donate money thro...
About Notre Dame...
So, you didn't buy those kits and are pretending to be a generous person, who helped those victims after natural catastrophic.
About Notre Dame...
Show proof that you actually bought those.
About Notre Dame...
In which way? Proof it or are you just saying bunch of bs?
AGO vs Nemiga
Nemiga <3
So i found something in Black Hole
Insane edits.
G2 Nuke
Wait, they are finally winning something?
rate 18yo blond gf
Looks like a prostitute tbh