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Orgless is the hottest team in development league CSGO NA. Infinite should have been big rostered years ago, FNS can slide in a coach role next year or so. Wardell isn't going to go valorant. Remember...
Astralis vs North
6-17 this time around. That message didn't aged well.
Eh, not sure if you got my vote. Although very talented and raw, he's not close to the level of the top 20. If he continues to develop, master his timing, maybe at 19 we could be saying that. Right no...
Coldzera's new team?
FNX will be put
Right wingers
The left is completely delusional. They attack Jews, gay people, and declare they're superior to POC. They say white privilege because of it, systematic racisms? Maybe in your system. Jim Crow laws, K...
Impossible Dream Team
Simple Stewie Niko Krimz Magisk
Summit trash?
Summit is about playing like at the team house. Sharing stories with friends on other teams, no pressure atmosphere, and a bit of cash at the end. A win here makes it easier when the biggest events co...
Oldest pro ?
Neo is 31. On what's left of Taze
Vitality would benefit from him joining the team. RPK is not the same player he used to be. Respectfully, he'll go to ldlc or another French team and do quite well with sixer, scream, and e6. If that'...
Hellraises fifth?
Bondik would be reunited with Ange1. I doubt though. Sunny is going to fill in for Allu on Ence for a few months while he helps with the baby. Maybe stick around for someone. Styko doesn't want to be ...
MIBR vs Renegades
MiBr is gonna lose. Gonna be close but it's just not gonna happen. RNG is in form and SK rebranding isn't gonna help them. EZ pick
He honestly could go back mouz if Kerrigan doesn't want to join. He's done it before when needed a break from the game and he came back stronger. Big doesn't need him as IGL or as AWP because of Next ...
Oscar should have been removed. Chris has always been there and not the worst player. Everyone is saying Karrigan but look at when he was with envy. It's been horrible and down right unwinnable. Styko...