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G2 roster change?
Yeah thats the problem, its not fitting rolewise for Niko. at the same time whois to say that Hunter and Niko even want to play together just based upon the assumption that they are cousins? It sounds...
G2 roster change?
Yeah I wonder I looked up before to Amanek doing great, being a good fit and player within G2. Thinking for quite a while now that G2 should not change a thing and if they ever would it would be betwe...
Yeah hltv kidz with peanut brain w0t you gonna do. They shout, insult, have no forsight, cry and only care about the winning goal not really knowing how to get there. Its perfect example of non adult...
Predictions for today
Vitality 3-2 Heroic it will be a close one. Heroic side of the bracket was much more difficult I believe. However like NIP I wonder, if Heroic dont start good with the wind in their sails... I wonder...
Players with unique voices
Astralis igl ?
:-------------D plz go make me turkish kebab.. Im hungry
Astralis igl ?
and you are the new turkish kebab :D
Astralis igl ?
You are obviously all noobs :-----D
rate awp play
rain washed
good for you. yes Rain washes. he do it for 5euro menz
If s1mple never got unbanned
Please Ive been within the anticheat team fighting cheaters, tried it with cheats myself for testing a small anticheat system i created myself for our tournament and to gather info. Ive dealt with vac...
This made me cry :(
Its easy to explain. He deserved a major and was entitled too. But he stayed with navi too long in carrymode. Understandable decision but sti!l his decision. In his prime he needed other team. 2nd tim...