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Scary pros?
hm I cant find one.
Scary pros?
Love him for it.
Scary pros?
haha MC happysteal
day 248
something defiantly needs to happen to the krieg but not by a large margin. and not the cost, that will never result to a effective solution. cost can stay the way it is.
Glave Fallen TaZ Karrigan Golden Pronax Zeus Gob B AleksiB Nitro Stanislaw Lekro Alex Something like that.
Astralis never had an era
HAHAHHAhahahahaha never had an ERA hgahahahaha Go sleep it off!! Whatever it is you are crying about inside its fine. just sleep it off
When will cs die?
LAN and faceit is very much alive. Mm is dead. Trust me I have two accounts one LE one LEM. The LEM account is one of the first steam accounts made from WON times to Steam. Got a good level and high...
Xyp3x is cheating
Haha good one.
When will cs die?
Actually mm has the amount of cheaters now that mm can be considered dead.
why do all germans cheat
Most Germans are clean to me. So this is surprising to read. The ones that typically aren't clean online are the French, the Russians and the Turkish. Some American here and there. Germans?..... no ...
Navi -guardian +sh1ro
Not sure, if guardian can get it back on track. Maybe he is past his prime. maybe he has his confidence shaken up by the former Na'vi and faze clan experience. It shouldnt rust that fast he has stil...
Underrated players
lekro golden zonic RpK maybe xD
Plans for hallowen ?
Sitting at home this time. the wife is pregnant 37.5 weeks
Neo GOAT explanation
His hair is actual content.
for Astralis to be the GOAT of CS. They need a GOAT HORDER. ZONICCCC!!! my man B)