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What you are think about matches today
Speaking to a fellow norwegian here: When Megan_fox says this: "Other matches not important because high chance of throw" He is talking about every match listed except the 3 that are in the major q...
NBK WTF !!!!!!!
I Hope he crushes their heart instead
Can't wait for the pic
It could also be to prevent free botting the matches to farm packages. If that would be allowed the prices of the packages would massively drop now that the game is free which would hurt the paying vi...
The biggest scumbag?
eUnited vs Swole Patrol
Worst part is i went against my gut and bet on eunited... Sorry dude, did not see your comment
eUnited vs Swole Patrol
Predictions? Where do I bet? Quick question
Currently carrying a t1 team trough a tournament filled with ok teams. North is in a bad period, Heroic beat them the first time. Avangar were close against them. S1mple is good yes, but carrying at ...
0-3 which team
10$ to buy a pick'em pass...
Katowice 2019 Challengers 1st matches predictions
Do you believe in it so strongly that you can faithfully say that is should bet 50€ on all of the matches and come out with more ?
+Buster +Jame -Zeus -Edward.
CS dead game
The pro scene and the Amateur scene is so big that the game will always have a stable playerbase until a better title comes along. The lower ranks will always change playerbase and cheaters are probab...
Vitality @ Major
IF Zywoo is on fire, then they should be going to the new legends stage pretty easily. Would bet for them to qualify and go 3 -0 / 3- 1