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Welcome to my profile <3
Things to know about me(I'll add more to this list, maybe)
-I'm 21yo (In case I forget to update this my BD: 5th of June, 1997)

-I'm a guy

-I'm queer

-I try my best to love everyone

-I become emotionally attached very easily(often to my own detriment)

-I love to listen, to anyone about anything

-I don't know how to say no to someone who needs help

-If I ever cared for you, then I still care for you

-I will never forget what you've done for me, and I will always forgive what you've done to me, regardless of how much it hurt

-I'm terrible at every game under the sun(trust me, you are better at everything)


It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, or what you believe. Just know that I love you. I don't ask that you love me in return. I don't ask that you be my friend. But please, love yourself and be a friend to yourself. You matter. <3

Feel free to ask me anything. If you think a question is too personal or you need to vent to someone PM me. I'm always down to chat about anything.

We all have our crosses to bear. If the weight ever feels too much you can put yours on me.


Users I'm fond of (Just because you're not on this list does not mean I don't like you)

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