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G2 History
At least 2 weeks :) Impossible to #2 and #3 to pass them - it's 120 points... If they lose today to ENCE and FaZe win blast - maybe somehow FaZe #1
HLTV 2020 Top 1
I hope that it will be someone from G2 or FaZe, but in 99% it will be Zywoo :D
Polaks, Czechs and Hungarians come here
Polaks could be better, but they are fine - you need just drink vodka and do not comment any their believing :D BR
Faze and G2
huNter > huNters cousin
Thorin on why -olof
Godlike sugestion!
Faze fix
I don't know if it will be working, but -olog +huNter ...but I could imagine, that if it will be working, then top1.
Balkan Superteam
Must have team!
FaZe +ottoNd
- olof + g2hunter <3
I miss henryG&sadokist duo... So many finals... Can somebody tell me more about "racist accident" ?
FaZe win Major
FaZe really have potencial - last major lost only to NaVi... It will be really nice to see how they are playing against OG, G2 & mouz during ESL ^_^
FaZe vs NaVi prediction
Owch... Current best day of FaZe < current best day of NaVi but... FaZe future (blast impression) > NaVi future and... FaZe avarage day <?> NaVi avarage day I want great match - hope that better toda...
Lets Go FaZe Clan
It's not fair that fnatic, NaVi & FaZe are in one bracket and max 2 teams can get to finals... FaZe should be better in next match against (in 99%) NaVi, but NaVi still could win (and lose) with every...
MAD Lions vs Evil Geniuses
Owch - VP has overtime with Liquid xD and EG rather kill ML ;) brehze so damn good right know ;)
MAD Lions vs Evil Geniuses
What do you think: which match will be better to watch: EG vs. ML or Liquid vs. VP? imho better match will be EG vs. ML. Liquid shouldn't have any problems with VP, so match will be "nothing special"...
I rate ur country's population