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Windigo throw
Thats known fact already bro, just check next match where they will be favorite = insta throw
calling it now 1-1
AVANGAR vs Windigo
Kids really thinks that Avangar will tryhard 2 days before major in match that not important at all Windigo is decent team when they dont throwing, but what the point to throw if odds is 1.3
AVANGAR vs Windigo
lmao mad kids bet on 1.3 odds but suddenly Windogo not throwing for food today
Honest Thoughts on G2
2-3 at max if kennys and shox will show performance
HAVU vs pro100
I guess he pays them by food, otherwise i cant understand how this trash team even exist
x6tence Galaxy vs Chaos
two trash teams
AVANGAR vs NoChance
2-1 Avangar Mirage No Chance Cache Avangar Dust2 Avangar EZ4GODJAME
Nemiga vs DreamEaters
3. Nemiga picked Dust2 4. DreamEaters picked Overpass ruski throw their picks
Swole Patrol vs eUnited
Swag going to IEM Cooper must be depressed that his ex-team beat him 3-0 xDDDDDD
Swole Patrol vs eUnited
They lost against ECO twice already They winning gun roundz ez and losing against ECO in same way
Swole Patrol vs eUnited
WHAT ?? moose defused the bomb moose killed vanity with aug vanity killed Cooper- with ak47 vanity killed dazzLe with ak47 (headshot) dazzLe killed swag with m4a1 vanity planted the bomb (2on3) moos...
eUnited vs Ghost
piece of shit trash NA CS cant even learn default tactic , cant execute plant with good granades 0000 IQ
forZe vs NoChance
Ghost vs Luminosity
Clownfiesta inc.