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Cloud9 vs FURIA
and Rush does too. I think Rush and Zellsis are both playing for contracts right now.
Make a TOP30 team with players from ur country!
So he leaves C9 and loses to them with MIBR, if that was his goal he's an idiot and an was lol. either way is rather see him benched then c9 win.
Cloud9 vs FURIA
C9 let nuke slip previously my guess is they will ban train and float nuke
ENCE vs Spirit
I can't wait for the ENCE joke to be over. It's become such a meme, and honestly based around no serious fact, they've lost to middling teams and barely beaten terrible ones. No offense to ENCE fans i...
Round 1 Katowice Major Predictions
you realize if your rebuttal is "well see" them it's not such a wild thought. I won't count G2 but only because of their accolades in years past and nothing more. If I were a betting man, and willing ...
3-0 guess !
Cloud 9
Cloud9 vs Grayhound
they've taken 4 maps to faze 2 in past 3 showings, split with fnatic, routed big. either you are trying to be funny or are misinformed. either way, meh think what you want.
Make a TOP30 team with players from ur country!
he chased money and left the team that gave him a major win.. let him watch from home
2 NA teams in top 5
Have you seen their recent performances? don't look at tournament placing, merely individual maps. they split with fnatic, beat big and faze (best faze In two seperate tournaments) I'm a fan, but I...
C9 3-0
ah so you have no legitimate reason for your opinion, just trying to be funny. cool beans lol
C9 3-0
state your analytical reasoning. based on their previous 10 maps compared the other other 15 teams what makes you come to the conclusion that they will be 0 and 3? I'm genuinely curious.
C9 3-0
Their stand in traded maps with Fnatic and took 3 maps against Faze while only giving them 2, They also took 2 from Big. Player need to grade need to grade new guys on a curve, think about the opponen...
Cloud9 vs Grayhound
I wish they had an elo score associated with the opposing players difficulty. As in "dexter" has a 1.20 rating 2.0, but his toughest opponent was against St. Mary's School for the blind. have some num...
s1mple leaves
I mean Simple has the ability to make any team top 10, it's just impossible to build a team around him. If this Navi lineup doesn't win the Major, I doubt simple ever will.
LGBTQI Hate on hltv
Must we pretend like the term "gay" was used by anyone with any form of anti-alternative sentiment. 99.99% of people on this site (due to gaming) have been using the term gay before they popped their ...