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Tricked vs eL'quvet
eshe odin musor kotoriy dumaet 4to kto-to stavit na sng pomoyku lol vas s probirok rozhdayut ?
Spirit vs Vega Squadron
+1 lul
Lazarus vs Luminosity
what u expect, he dont have regular practice against good teams, obviously his skill doesnt develop
Tricked vs eL'quvet
zato ti dolboeb i eto 8/8, hotya 4ego ozhidat ot eblana s nikom Loh i flagom parashki
Tricked vs eL'quvet
mne pohuy na etih bezdarnostey, kotorie igrayut miksy i vserovngo nichego v nih ne dobyutsa , pust lu4she norm tima proydet v zakritie 4em eti klouny
Tricked vs eL'quvet
Domoy synovya shluh GG Tricked
Tricked vs eL'quvet
starix killed HUNDEN with ak47 Round over - Winner: CT (0 - 1) - Bomb defused HUNDEN defused the bomb HUNDEN + sjuush (assist) killed spat1ch with aug (headshot) spat1ch planted the bomb (2on1) GOD H...
Tricked vs eL'quvet
Nice CT-side Tr♿️cked
Tricked vs eL'quvet
LUL sjuush planted the bomb (5on5)
Tricked vs eL'quvet
Yeah lose against Starix 7 days old mix Nice throw Tricked
Aristocracy vs PACT
yeah thats why he play shitty tier5 events with 10k $ for 1st plance ahahahhaahahahaha
Aristocracy vs PACT
what u can expect from TaZ , king of toilets he threw against VP from 14-6 score he dont have salary cuz no org want to sign them all he should do its throwing for food
Tricked vs eL'quvet
lose against Starix mix ? Really lol ?
forZe vs NONAME
Round over - Winner: CT (1 - 1) - Enemy eliminated neathz killed xsepower with mac10 (headshot) xsepower killed avg with mac10 mouseTT + mirac1e (assist) killed almazer with ak47 avg + CHEHOL (assist)...
Virtus.pro vs Aristocracy
VP vs TaZ TaZ will throw somehow ez game like he always did