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Cs worst roster moves
watching like this its probably the worst in terms of talent ,but you dont know what happened behind the scenes
C9 leaf
you dont pay 1.6m for a player if u plan to build a team that wont do shit
C9 leaf
Rip good casters
idk i dont mind machine ,pansy is slowly getting on my nerves
Rip good casters
i started watching muted since that fake henryg and that fat justharry dumboid
yeah they got good on online.but with hunden gone they will sink down again
covid deniers protest in Germany
i never said you should,but what is the problem in wearing a mask and staying 1 meter away from people in the public?
covid deniers protest in Germany
working class people are the most braindead class,so if they thinkl it isnt real it is ,these are the same people who believe in god and every single conspiracy out there.
covid deniers protest in Germany
everything u said is right,but the problem is if a person is young and healthy they probably have nothing to worry about but there is a chance that they may have an interaction with older people,or pe...
hltv top 20 2020 ?
damn didnt know that,i mean the thing is when they do bad he is like 1-10
hltv top 20 2020 ?
i dont think art gets in,he is literally a coinflip hit or miss player,id rather see everyone from Furia other than art in it ,i think they deserve it more. shiro wont come close,konfig maybe if coL w...
he posted 2 comments both dumb as rocks what can u do
he literally said how much,dumb croatian