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csgo community awful?
yeah like russians screaming blue you dumb shit n1gg** when you dont drop them the awp
this is the dumbest shit i have seen on hltv in a long time
Ence come here
you must be baiting..... There was a fucking highlight video shown on frontpage of hltv in 2014 made from allu in his days with ence. I bet you can still find it somewhere in the archives
Ence come here
are you dumb allu played in ence way before nip. I have seen him play in local 1.6 tournaments way before you were prop born......
Ence come here
actually ence made allu dumb iraq kid
i only smoke cigars
you talking bout yourself boy?
ENCE vs Izako Boars
thats propably never gonna happen
shoot up school my buddy wants
what a great culture to shit on everywhere you want. This is the future no need for toilets when you can just take a shit on your neighbours driveway. Also no need to buy showers when you can smell li...
rain olof guardian
yh so consistent
i rate your clips
ENCE suNny
yes because these fucking all star lineups work so good. People dont realize that getting the best player is not the best thing for a team
epl is some online league that litterally has no meaning at the end of the day. They can make as much money playing lan events as they can make by winning the epl league finals
Color Blind
0/8 thats not how color blindness works. I have bad protanopia and cant get a drivers license because red is visible as dark yellow not green like this faker tries to say. I hope this thread gets dele...