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George Floyd in past ambushed pregnant woman with knife in hand and robbed some stores. That day was one of those lucky when he was innocent. Google some shit before you clean crimminal scum. This is ...
Unless there will be #WhitePeopleMatters or #YellowPeopleMatters go fu* yourself litterally just go. All people life matter, and if someone only public one colour from 10 that is racism lol
FURIA vs 100 Thieves
Yeah i hope not to be inferno or vertigo first map.. those 2 are molly heaven
FURIA vs 100 Thieves
almost 3 odds, i bet 300 USD there, i had 950 but i took already 650 to my bank account :D
FURIA vs 100 Thieves
I just randomly bet all in for fun for map 1 no molotov kill. Did someone tried it too? How safe can it be? :D I mean grenade kills are quite ofter because it is instant kill but everyone always run a...
Movistar Riders vs SKADE
I think that wisla krakow id now top 1 in poland but i will not take it from you :D
Sharks vs Isurus
Obviously not so EZ, first time on csgo betting? Thanks for money btw :D
ViCi vs After
I won 25,5 over ľmao from 13:2 i expect slready my bet to be lost, great miracle save xd
ViCi vs After
I won 25,5 over ľmao from 13:2 i expect slready my bet to be lost, great miracle save xd
VERTEX vs Mako
Mako had 3 times in row 5v3 situation and always loose on CT lmao.. well if you dont win this you dont deserve to win match, what else they want
Isurus vs Sharks
1xbet is worst betting site ever. Only russians and some more country can bet there but in europe and here in my country this site is ilegal because they have no license and they scamming :D
fnatic vs Astralis
i dont know about you man but IGL for Astralis is Magisk since gla1ve left for pause lol ..
FaZe vs NiP
You know that most big betting sites dont change odds according to player bets but automatically by bot depend on each round lost/win in match right? And bookmakers decided to set starting odds to 1.4...
Chaos vs Triumph
Wait someone actually watching these 2 random teams and betting on them when astralis - nip is live? lmao
Astralis vs NiP
Because they need to give opportunity to every player.. why otherwise they buy him, if he´ll only sit on bench as 6th player.. they will change between them because they have biggest rooster from all ...