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NiP vs FaZe
Well only by looking at stats one would think NIP losed this. Niko is really good individually, but Faze really need a decent IGL. His calls are literally shit.
FaZe vs
LUL mad fanboy
NiP vs Vitality
Wait.. Was that a 10-3 on CT side of cache?
If NIP can keep their momentum, they will win this. MIBR is not in a good shape right now.
NRG vs NiP
Well, Nuke is the best map of the Ninjas, and they almost let NRG to pull it back to overtime with such advantage. They still have a lot of problems on T side, other teams would definitely use these p...
NRG vs NiP
If Lekr0 and dennis start to perform better, there might be a chance. I would be overjoyed if they really manage to make it.
NRG vs NiP
True. The golden 1.6 duo stepped up many times when their team need them, Rez is in his best shape since that IEM in 2017. If only dennis and Lekr0 could perform better..
NRG vs NiP
Not quite possible. They will be standing against Astralis probably in the next match. In fact I would be more than happy if they somehow manage to make it to playoff.
NRG vs NiP
That insane stats in this tournament so far...looks like f0rest really want another major to his name.. Not quite possible for them to even get to playoff though
NiP vs Winstrike
yet again forest and GTR top fragging. Lekr0 and Rez really need to wake up if they don't want to be eliminated in challenger stage.
Finally they decided to free their most skilled player from the burden of being IGL. This would definitely be better.