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top 10 malding csgo players
1. msl
best team in CS history?
11 November
says the retard who can't differentiate between austria-hungary and germany
honestly kind of weird that Mars is on there, they just own a bunch of sweets and chewing gums
It does not work how you think it does
School Education system in your country
You could ask one of your classmates/friends who understands it. I think the main reason for poor performance in school is not a lack of recources. There even are countless tutorials online for all ki...
School Education system in your country
I would probably ask my parents. If my son asked me about some middle school math subject he doesn't quite understand I would probably take a bit of time to make certain he understands.
School Education system in your country
Definitely very different to what school was for me. The teacher explained the subject at hand, and all the exercises we did was from the book we had and we talked about those in the class aftwards if...
HLTV book readers come here real quick
Shouldn't your characters always be multi-layered, regardless of the kind of book you are writing? Anyways, b. Don't care too much for lovecraft,
r8 my tattoo
can't see shit, what kind of perspective is that
the only tier 1 tournament they are getting invited to is esl one cologne
ENCE !??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!
ENCE didn't place last in any of the events they have been invited to, nice try though
HAVU vs Hard Legion
#29 vs #30 x3 odds. Rigged for sure
biggest games of this century
Century? Starcraft was probably bigger than fortnite
complexity will probably play in NA by taking advantage of some rules