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LoL players dominate CSGO?
Because dota has potato mechanics, you just use your brain on 95% of the heroes
Sheriff are actually playing quite well. If they beat Shakhtar one more time they are as good as through
People who hoard skins in csgo
Well, if you have a paper that proves your stake in a certain company that would be worth something
IEM Fall subs
If Movistar and Endpoint weren't in the same group they could have maybe loaned smooya short-term, but no way that movistar will give smooya to a direct competitor
People who hoard skins in csgo
If a solar storm devastates our planet csgo skins aren't the only things that would lose worth. Investment into most tech would be comparably worthless, let's not even talk about crypto
euroamerican cup
Nobody will give a shit about this match, glorified friendly
#9 I assume he will just drop weapons and nades
Nah Guerri can actually play
COME! Name pros who...
bit has been playing cs since the dawn of time
IEM Fall EU fantasy Taking a bit of a risk on complexity but I think they can recover
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Not the worst but maybe most overrated.
Tinder so shallow
I personally wouldn't go to Legoland with a person I barely knew. Maybe more like 3rd date. Would suck if there was no chemistry between us and stuck at Legoland not having fun
NA RMR PREDICTIONS initial matches
CIA back at it again
+1 Secret Services all over the world discuss all kinds of shit on the daily
Ninja defuse = clutch?
Clutch in the cs context is a specific term and means a different thing. We are talking about the substantive here, not the adjective