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best footballer of your country rn
Right now? Probably Gündogan or Kimmich. Havertz has also been really good
Anonymo lies exposed!
Was pretty obvious reading the anonymo statement. The rhetoric was clearly to rile up the kids against NiP and flashpoint. You can see how well it worked, too. Just look at all the anonymo flairs on t...
neutral thread
cinnamon ice cream is pretty banger
dear Device,
You really don't get it. Wrong decisions by the referee are part of the game because everyone acknowledges that it's not something that's always avoidable, it's part of football culture. Forcing one t...
dear Device,
Football games with corrupt officials have been replayed or nullified many times before. It's more comparable to that because that's what playing at a big disadvantage is like
dear Device,
Bad refereeing decisions are part of the game, being forced to play with lags that aren't even your fault is not
Which one lose the game
packet loss
Sangal what the hell?
It's called karma for not postponing the Skade match
Vitality CHEATING again?
I am rarely hating. 5/8 is not a bad rating
Vitality CHEATING again?
Why FaZe is such a failure?
The players just aren't that good, that's it. Twistzz is good, cold can be very good, otherwise this team doesn't have much. rain has been poor for ages, broky being low impact is nothing new, he is a...
Sprout - Faze rematch
FaZe 40% aim loss
+1 lol
kNg will fight device
4 years later and kng is still a clown
Anime Openings
Soul Eater is not that good, but it was one of my first anime ever when I was a teenager and I loved it. I tried rewatching it rather recently but quickly stopped to not ruin my memory of it.