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come back junior
lmao, g2 fan kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Berlin Major 2019 Players
kennys for sure
spring sweet spring fantasy bugged
its going to be fixed, calm down people, not the first time its happens
Discord Utility Lineup Bot
Very good idea and thanks for that :) 1- yes, for sure 2- 2.1b 3- in the same video, easier to learn or search Save this thread
Fantasy EPIC League CIS 2021 now live
bump, join Long Dickers league also :)
Furia would be pretty strong
bro, he is professional, its a job, not a homework from school
Furia would be pretty strong
I wAnT tu PlaY wItH Ma BrotA
i rate your hltv name
ok judge me
DH & Flashpoint fantasy R8 AND HELP
thats better, but gambit and heroic gonna play only 2 matches at max, so you need a good perform to beat teams with navi/g2 players
DH & Flashpoint fantasy R8 AND HELP
well not bad at all, 7/8 if g2 goes to finals, very strong players too, roles are good, just camper on amanek, support should be better, even in a bad game
DH & Flashpoint fantasy R8 AND HELP
ready for win some too huh? hehe dh hltv: 5/8, good looking team but the semis is heroic vs navi (if navi beat furia), so you lose 2 players in the semi, i cant see you winning like that bri ld: the ...
DH & Flashpoint fantasy R8 AND HELP
i never saw a fantasy with 5 teams winning bro, but its cool to see what you can do with these team, what you said is right but toooo risky
DH & Flashpoint fantasy R8 AND HELP
3/8 bro, you have good players but 5 teams, its too many negatives points by loses, make 2+2+1, it should be better for you bro