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1. Coldzera 2. S1mple 3. BlameF 4. Ropz 5. Calyx
xantares top10 confirmed
Dupreeh 10 EliGE 9 electronic 8 NiKo 7 Ropz 6 SyrsoN 5 BlameF 4 Device 3 S1mple 2 ZywOo 1
11th player
Magisk Tomorrow Dupreeh. K0nfig, Stavn, Mantuu and XANTARES robbed
Nobody calls S1mple and ZywOo bad aimers. Already one of the best. But since Ronaldo and Messi are the best players, Free Kick, Dribble, Shoot ... they don't have to be superior to other good players ...
Check S1mple vs XANTARES aim map. Check Scream's top 5 aimer. Check Device: XANTARES I think best aimer in the world. My personal Idea not best but on of the best (Best Niko) S1mple is unquestionab...
s1mple aim better than Ropz ? :p you really know what aim mean, right? Xantares is one of the top 5 aimers if you're in a crying hater
1. S1mple 2. ZywOo 3. Device 4. EliGE 5. NiKo
Rest of top20 +proof about xantares/magisk
Where is Ropz ? Lol
TOP 5 aimers
1. NiKo (of course he number one mennn :)) 2. XANTARES (Aim God is back :P) 3. Twistzz (So sick crosshair placement.) 4. electronic (I don't understand why so few people chose him. To be honest I have...
TOP 5 aimers
No, He clutch player. Lurk or something like that.
TOP 5 aimers
thanks and Have a good day.
TOP 5 aimers
I consume too much tea. I also like coffee, but tea has a different place for me ... I am crazy enough to drink 5.6 glasses in one sitting. If you come to a Turkey can drink tea together :D XD
TOP 5 aimers
EliGE is a super player. :) it's so enjoyable to watch. I grab my tea and lean on my seat XD