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Bad News Bears vs Cloud9
Didn't know bnb picked up relyks, solid
OpTic vs NoChance
My man, much appreciated!!!! That's quite unfortunate also, at one point he was being regarded as one of the up and coming best awpers
OpTic vs NoChance
+1 count me as a positive vibe idiot then, I'm cool with that. Keev is jacked these days ay my Bavarian homie?
OpTic vs NoChance
Dang man, hit the gym or get laid to release your built up tension, not healthy. Either that or you really need the boost rn in which case I'll allow myself to be your internet punching bag for a sec ...
OpTic vs NoChance
What ever happened to jugi? Last I heard, him and konfig were supposedly going to c9 but obv that didn't happen...
Grayhound vs AVANT
Like my mans is about to shoot electricity and shit
BIG vs HellRaisers
Truth, better than xanaxtares
Renegades vs eUnited
Inb4 markE internet dies mid match
Aster vs Lynn Vision
He likes aster v anal, duh
wNv vs Vital Spark
Very creative, guy
Windigo vs GamerLegion
Got ya, ty for the info my friend! I haven't caught a lot of windigo recently other than as you somewhat mentioned, at dreamhack. I like poizon and always liked bubble over v1ctor but I wasn't familia...
Windigo vs GamerLegion
Hm I guess I didn't think about that actually, are they booty in online matches? Regardless, I feel windigo will still win but please enlighten me
Windigo vs GamerLegion
+1 just cause ex6 is on the team, that and windigo are fire right now
eUnited vs Denial
If he can manage a whole series without disconnecting
Envy vs eUnited
Yeah has to be nifty as I'd assume jdm is awp