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I have an exchange idea
Yes take our shorties and give us tall hotties +1 All girls under 170 should be deported MAKE SVERIGE LAGOM AGAIN
Tall ugly girl vs Short cute girl
Tall girl any day of a week Does not matter her face her height make her gorgeous
Girls taller than you
How can I find girls over 185? They are so rare here sucks all girls are shorter than me :'( Girls please try to grow taller in puberty PLEASE
Why Swedish men prefer tall girls?
We are not insecure manlets so we prefer tall girls How can short be better than tall srs? Height means attractiveness for both gender Sharapova is 190 and FUCKING AMAZING yes we need more tall girls ...
Girls taller than you
Yes Sharapova is best
Girls taller than you
I prefer girls slightly taller or slightly shorter than me. I am 185 so between 175-190 are most convenient. Most girls are under 175 anyway. Sucks
short and cute girls
Definetelly! +1
short girl or tall girl?
Tall of course. Minimum 175cm. I hate short girls. Under 170 are trash.
short and cute girls
Tall girls > any girls 175cm + please
Guys, tall or short girls?
No 175-185cm is ideal
Guys, tall or short girls?
Guys, tall or short girls?
Tall girls with big ass and big breast: absolute perfect godnesses HNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG nothing turns me on more that that
Guys, tall or short girls?
+1 180 is absolute perfection for girls we all wish they were more common :(
Guys, tall or short girls?
Average girl is 167 or so but ideally woman should be around 175 snd upper. No upper limit. Ju längre desto battre. (The taller the better we say about girls)
Guys, tall or short girls?
ITT: People should be liked no matter how tall they are Reality: fck that I am 188 so I can require her to be at least 175cm