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Windigo disqualified
If you watch more than a 3 second clip you would know that he knew his position from before he got the first kill. They had a lot of money and ct´s had next to none so going for a Hail Mary in the dir...
Unpopular Opinion Thread
Scar was portrayed as Hitler. So are you pro-Nazi?
why Astralis ?
Beyond stupid comment
The notorius BIG quiz #1
Biggie biggie biggie - Cant you see The best line I LOVE IT - WHEN YOU CALL ME BIG POPPA
job ideas
Funny ^
Major flukes
I thought you might need it after getting attacked from every side. I think you handled it well, but its hard to reason with a lot of people here. So cheer up :)
FaZe suNny
I never do this, but. Reported
MIBR lost? how?????
Muslim immigrant spotted
Major flukes
You got a hard fanbase to defend. I red some of your correspondence. And seeing how ppl join in the conversation against you. I just wanna tell you that most of your statements are true and your logic...
MIBR fluke team
Gotta give you this though, its big of you to come back like this. Not a lot of people like to admit when they were wrong. Cheers, have a good day too
ENCE vs Izako Boars
Ence top 5 team HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA cmon get real
MIBR fluke team
Try reading it again or get an adult to explain it for you. Pls fuck off you have no actual content and all your replies is a reflection of your immense stupidity. Get someone to read this and explain...
MIBR fluke team
past 5 years doesn't change the fact a year is 12 months, by your logic last year was from 31/12-2018 to 14/03-2019 (today). Can you understand what you read? Really just stop your self from further e...
MIBR fluke team
Stupidity too much aaaahhhh. You count 3 months in 2019 for a whole year? it goes like this 2019-2018 1 year 2018-2017 2y 2017-2016 3y 2016-2015 4y 2015-2014 5y. I even specified it in my first post....
MIBR fluke team
You said last 5 years, we are in the start of 2019 so past 5 years would go back to early 2014. Math hard?