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Illuminar vs FATE
GY lost to this too XD
forZe vs Endpoint
forZe vs Endpoint
should be 2-0 for EP, ForZe looks good on Inferno because FL1T did so many clutches and they did some good individual performance, but their team play wasn't there. Once again, it's CS:GO, no guaran...
Chaos vs Triumph
I was on that position a lot mate. I know how bad that feeling is. I wish u win the next bet.
Chaos vs Triumph
at least I didn't lose money today man that's the point, next bet is a bonus considering i should have lost money today.
Chaos vs Triumph
first I wanted to bet on ML Triumph @2.25 but I changed my mind not to bet at all, Thank God. second, I wanted to bet on map 2 Triumph win @1.8 and I change my mind again not to bet at all. damn Ima...
Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
delayed if it's 3 maps on Fnatic vs GODSENT match.
fnatic vs GODSENT
kRYSTAL XD if GODSENT kicks kRYSTAL, I'm pretty sure no team would take him, not the top 100 teams at least.
North vs NiP
NIP is never good on Train tho. damn, I missed this match, i was suppose to bet on north +1.5 @1.8 but got no time,, such a free odd.
STYKO can go kRYSTAL mode but kRystal can not go STYKO mode.
Heroic vs fnatic
where do u watch the match to know the current score? hltv is late about 1-3 score.
fnatic vs BIG
OMG.. BROLLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best play of the year.
G2 vs Movistar Riders
G2's players always underestimate the ez situation.
imagine if they kick Krystal and get a better IGL who can frag.
North vs Heroic
north will pick Dust 2