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Entropiq vs 1WIN
I don't know how I win my bet on 1 Win map 1, but thank God, I was like crying after that 5-10 half and they lost the pistilol round.
BIG is garbage atm indeed, but MIBR beyond garbage, they don't deserve this spot, such a wasted spot.
G2 vs NIP
my local site, only available in 3 asian countries XD
G2 vs NIP
it's too abvious that NIP should win map 1, but my bookie hasn't settle my bet on entropiq @3.12 after they lost overpass, fuck no money yet to bet NIP map 1, sad :(
Astralis vs Vitality
kick this lucky tier 100 awper, he is a trash, doesn't deserve Astralis level, he himself lost Astralis Nuke.
Copenhagen Flames vs SKADE
no need to regret it, enjoy ur winning no matter small it is, it's a win.
Unique vs Fiend
I don't lke fiend but I will be happy if they somehow win 16-0 on one of thilese map againts these unique clown.
OG vs Vitality
theire is no way OG don't ban vertigo
just put furia +1.5 not moneyline
Gambit vs FaZe
imagine thinking Faze is a bad team on LAN with karrigan's experience compare to this number 1 onliner team Gambot.
Gambit vs FaZe
I never like this gambit squad eapecially nafany and sh1ro, thanks faze for destroyig this onliner. I should bet on map moneyline instead of handicap, could be more money, but I am happy Gambit losing...
Gambit vs FaZe
it's LAN boy, they are not that good on LAN
MIBR vs Fiend
fuck, I missed that sweet odd :(
MIBR vs Fiend
1.9 odd map 1 for fiend on my bookies while it's their best map, but I won't take it , I smell something wrong about it, may be I am wrong, let's watch