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Amount of cheaters
Bruh yesterday i played 2 games and both of it i up againts team full of 5 cheaters, spin botting and everything like how the f
144hz argument
Anyone that cant see the difference between 60hz and 60+hz definitely theres something wrong with their eyes like seriously, no insult/joke
ea games
Hope, thats what kill us :( I said that but maybe i will preorder mass effect legendary edition cuz ME is my all time fav also no way they can f up a remaster of a good trilogy.......... right??
Easy Fix for Gen.G
hope u know that this is fake and just trolling. smh.
BnTeT overrated ?
Mens who like metal
Mens who like metal
Architects, Animals Dragged Under, Instability Im banging those two rn
Chess players come here
Queens gambit if white Follow the opponents opening if black lol
1st day without tier 1 cs
I know but see the numbers when both doesnt have tournaments, cs numbers drop so much. And twitch rivals doesnt have the same impact with pro tournament for me, why?? Cuz when you watch normal stream ...
Ummm CS views high cuz theres many tournaments tho but ok...
DPI and sens
Finally found someone who have sens as high as me, my sens 3600 DPI 2.5 in game 9000 edpi, im still faster bro haha. But im trying to lower my sens for this past week to 1440 DPI 2.5 in game and i mus...
Umm the beta is closed now sooo expected no one playing, hope you baiting :)