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NoChance vs Winstrike
your are not better than these monkeys buying woodplanks if uare betting your all money and even more than montly pay on CS:GO or other football matches, gl next time dude, keep betting
tell me your sensitivity
400 dpi , 1.5 sens, m_raw 1
Where can i see % who got diamond coin?
Reasons why Astralis won't win major
First reason because they don't want 90% pickem become diamond, second because Navi is willing to win as never
If astralis wins, he will get his point, so it doesn't really matter, if astralis win major, he will get diamond coin
Jame beaten up in poland
Rekted? I mean he said it's metaphore, but still if he doesn't put any sense in "god" then it's just a waste of symbols, in context of his attitude to relegion. As to me, im Christian so if i used "go...
Jame beaten up in poland
If u are atheist, why u call forest the god, if god isn't existing
Souvenir Drops
I actually accidentally opened nuke case astralis vs rng, and got p250 with device autograph, sadly that I opened it((
NBK 1000 IQ
it would be fun if he weared hat like terrorists on de_mirage ( i dont know name of it's arabic which defends from sand)
Pickems so far
was obvious bait by him =))
Pickems so far
sad for your diamon coin =((
faze wont play against ence, because they are closed in ELO ranking, it seems like Faze will face Nip or Cloud9, i dont remember who was lower
Pickems so far
dude, mibr is not 3-0, it doesn't count =))
5/5 club
i wonder how could i downgrade from 8/9 on challengers to edge 5/9 from legends(thanks god, all my picks today won and saved my diamond road)
Pickems so far
it looks like u're not going have 5 points, because of matchups(i think your favor teams going to play against each other on 2-2)