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YEKINDAR work ethic
Yea NiKo has like 20 hours. Grind is not always the key.
driving license
Watch Mazepin F1 highlights then. Perfectly accurate.
driving license
Seriously? What's the point of Italy if you can't drive a Ferrari? Jokes aside limiting spoiled 18 yo brats from smashing their 6 liter turbocharged toy is probably a wise thing.
driving license
It's useful 2 have it on your resume. Lots of employers like that.
Millionaires Niece Got Shot
Yea that, and it's also cheaper and fast enough for their overaggressive real estate expansion.
Millionaires Niece Got Shot
America and their obsession for paper thin walls. People can drive-by your house.
Youtube fuc*ed???
You have saved cookies from when you used VPN. BTW run adblock.
daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
Meanwhile Brax Steel and Skadoodle waiting for valorant betting scene to develop.
Daps new team
so valarante doesn't make as much money as they thought.
daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
valarante not enough money?
Best Animal
party animal (yes, flag checks out).
I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm saying that at the highest level of play (pro scene) what I described makes the difference between a good and a godlike aimer. Your case can be applied to normal play...
How is hitting 4 shots faster than hitting 1? Aim is about consistency in accuracy and the efficiency of it. It is true that a great aimer knows the moments he should or should not go for the head, bu...
FalleN leaves
Wasn't that "Forest Leaves" and when you clicked it was the usp skin? Good old bait.