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RPK retiring/becoming 6th man :(
i love RPK's work and if the management decided to do this, they have a better reason or this nivera must be better than RPK. theres a lot of rounds where RPK saved the vitality. its better to sit mis...
Navi what doing?
yea but they are on a bootcamp. perfecto is with Flamie, boombl4 and other staff.
Navi what doing?
as a navi fan this match is hurtful to watch. but its okay. theyve always been like this. inconsistent, thrive through the chaos kind of a team. i just hope everyone is okay specially with the covid g...
Its finally time
i hope Furia lose. lmao. i still feel salty about that tech pause they did against liquid.
Forze players about match against Navi
anyhow, still disappointed with the tweets from forze camp. its like when Fallen and other pros tweeted bad against Leaf and Chaos allegedly cheating. these things shouldve been handled internally not...
Forze players about match against Navi
i think there is a difference here. VP couldve put a priority on one match but perfecto cant control the covid.
LoL or Dota?
just play csgo or valulrant. hahaha
BIG clutching
last round was insane. someone tell Tizian to wake up mens
-stanislaw +nitro
but nitr0 now is in valulrant. how can u make this happen mens
AMD people come here
cooling wise yea you might invest with a better cooling system. the stock cooler does the job but other coolers can do better. you can research and match your budget. for the RAM i suggest one more 8g...
Simple's salary or buyout
Flamie was more expensive than s1mple baffles me. lmao
goodluck. i hope u can take the heartbreak tomorrow. :)
Isn't it sad?
im more of a house guy so i dont think its sad. pre pandemic, i only go out to buy stuff i need or supplies and to do boyfriend duties or to work. but now, everyone is working from home, girlfriend li...
Bren vs D13
very interesting personalities