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as a NiP fan all i can do is hope and believe this move is all gonna be worth it
i like her butt. thats okay right?
they can go international. thats the only thing they can do to salvage this whole VP csgo hopes.
Navi Fix 100%
u sure flamie was too bad? come on
Navi Fix 100%
leave them alone. this line up can bring some hardware if everyone is online. as a navi fan, im happy with what i saw today. mi still believing they can win a major by sticking together.
north outplayed them. no need to blame anyone. give props to north for playing better against a team who doesnt have a decent IGL.
Simple boring
if theres gonna be someone who we can call overrated thats gonna be device. seriously. pre astralis era, he cant even carry his team. it was the strats and xyp bailing them out most of the time that m...
NaVi & s1mple
lol. why u want s1mple leave if s1mple alone doesnt wanna leave the org? stop it. ha ha
Kick xantares
they badly need smooya back on that team. they were rolling during smooya era. and now, they cant seem to find anything. stop wasting time, take smooya back. whatever it takes. he is the only man who ...
Free giveaway
Free giveaway
i can use some pins if you have some. or a knife? :)
Ideal NaVi lineup
with resurging edward and flamie, i think getting adren is just a bit off. maybe get norbert if you really wanna call it as an upgrade.
all phones that you have owned
Xperia PLAY, LG G2, Asus Zenfone 2, Huawei p9
GOTY 2019 (so far)
Counter Strike: Global Offensive. lul
Lets go TNC. 2ez4Papi