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China in 1950
Many expats here would heavily disagree with you
China in 1950
i love how u have to mention your own country among that list
What u want from CSGO 2
The community is too big and whiny for us to make changes depending on polls. E.g. if we had polls for map change vertigo would never be in the pool, and its just starting to find itself in the scene....
BIG's success not just about online
no lol thats like saying bootcamping is like playing at lan
vice news is a joke
"No point of wasting my time with someone like you" Pretty ironic given that u spent time replying
OG story.
bruh most players hit their peek by 23
The difference is that u cant negotiate the price of a lamborghini, but u can negotiate the price of players, dumbass.
Aleksib v Alex
"Alex was great with vitality but it is really worth 600k?+he didnt prove himself in another team" When AleksiB was available he hadn't proved himself in another team either...
Leaf banned (scenarios)
If Leaf ain't got banned: Brazilians keep being an joke because the hltv community think that all Brazilians are the same This wont change even if Leaf gets banned lel
top5 awpers
NiKo AWPs on dust2 but it doesnt exactly seem like he's on "easy mode"
this didn't age well
Liquid Fix
i think their first game was when they played chaos
Wtf KennyS
"I think the weapon is actually really forgiving of missed shots, especially when you repeek from a position that can't be wallbanged." Clearly its not about the AWP being forgiving, but from which p...
Team Liquid never had an era
TL did not define a new meta tho.