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Top 5 CS players all time
Valve had to nerf the AWP cuz of this one man. The update literally revolved around the idea of making him less OP
Top 5 CS players all time
That makes no sense "u can't say someone is GOAT because of what they may have achieved without injury" and u reply with "but then olof is better than device apart from in awping' firstly thats not...
Sad truth of CSGO
Oh ok so since Portuguese CS is shit that stops u from being a mongoloid? that makes sense 'stfu korean cs is shit' - im fake flagging so reply with something real pls
Sad truth of CSGO
what would you say if I posted a screenshot where I beat denis and spiidi stack on Faceit, right now? would you be ashamed? watch your fucking mouth before I do it and force you to apologize. "dude ...
Sad truth of CSGO
Ok but u sound like as soon as an older player starts under performing we have to immediately replace them with younger players
Sad truth of CSGO
LMAOO how u gonna force him to apologize???
pretty funny boomer tweet
imagine being insulted by the word boomer
Death of Asian dominance in esports
Nope just like in football there's gonna be little success with a fuck ton of money poured in bro
Medusa Redline Neo Noir Graphite
ZywOo doesn't deserve top 1 this year
EliGE no.1
If he;s lurker as well then how does he always die first
What's the massive difference between Iceland temp and Kato temp?
faze raped?
>Raped by a different team in bo1 >Raped by Faze in bo3 Choose one
top10 players
That's not how it works lol. Can't have a 100% winrate when u haven't won a game
Girlfriend Problem
Seems u r already gay then. Problem solved!