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Hey Finns come here
It's not that easy they are not machines they can't just adapt like that imagine if you just kicked one of your good friends for a slight possible upgrade ruins all chemistry
Ence too overrated lmfaoo
You think they should lick Astralis’ ass when they’re by themselves? Ofc they have egos what’s the point in competing if you aren’t confident you can beat any team
I need a name for a start up
I need a name for a start up
wtf tell us something about the start up first?
prodka = n00b
wow prokda noob
Kennys racist
So entitled omg.. wow he think he soo good when he drink clean water
what u do in shower
i just don’t see it convenient, shower isn’t made for you to casually spend time in too much is bad for you and buying a TV there is kind of counterproductive. And what about when ppl visit you i’d be...
what u do in shower
who would purposefully buy a TV for a shower? What a waste
what u do in shower
LMAO i can relate brother
YNK got fat?
he went from thick to fit to thick
Girls under 175 should be deported
+ 1 and "genetically inferior" what is this 1940 Germany?
Girls under 175 should be deported
I know, right? fucking hair colour matters more to me than height unless she's a tyrion lannister
Girls under 175 should be deported
Forgot and about 10 more accounts wtf is this shite men
Tall ugly girl vs Short cute girl
What’s the point in arguing with you when nothing can convince you otherwise no matter how wrong you are? Fine, most swedish guys prefer tall girls. Is your insecurity satisfied now? Will you stop wit...
Tall ugly girl vs Short cute girl
I actually do believe the weirdo is a girl who is extremely insecure about her height. She has formed this picture in her head in which all guys prefer tall girls because of her own problem with it an...