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how do you see life?
with my eyes
PragerU destroyed!
Wow one progressive Jewish fake news media telling other Zionist fake news media that they are fake while themselves pretending to be factual and objective. The only who will lose are the goyim.
Mixed gender race
you mean in every one except giving birth
UK Girls and makeup
You are from Balkan and you never saw women in kilograms of makeup?
Renegades vs ORDER
If ORDER wins they are going to major?
USA Conservatives
The thing is you probably have this mainstream envision of conservatives and progressives which are in reality both neoliberals like the whole American system today is. Rootin tootin gun waving rednec...
USA Conservatives
And you think progressives are any different? Both parties in USA are neoliberal. In theory conservative should be conserving traditional societal norms but they are absolute losers in that term since...
Americas gun "issue"
You know which ones i mean when i say minorities but you cannot be more direct or you will get banned even on hltv.
Americas gun "issue"
Guns were never the problem. Wherever there are more minorities in West there is more crime and more homicides be it guns, knives, vehicles or whatever.
You WILL "stay home" and support all lockdowns You WILL embrace permanent "social distancing" You WILL wear a mask at all times You WILL eat the bugs You WILL consume estrogen You WILL work and live i...
Renegades vs ORDER
Why is there a communist Yugoslavia flag on HLTV?
F1 2018 FOR FREE
thank you