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girls smart?
There are many ways to deal with this situation. For example: Ed Gein would cut her face off and wear it as a mask.
Leaving favela
it's a normal brazilian success story. like becoming an hollywood actor in usa. what's your problem?
i think it's about the language, not nationality.
FaZe colzera is true
It has to be coldzera because both niko and yanko have boner as u can clearly see.
Tarik Major Perfromance
King Kong is racist
In my country /Ki/ is pronounced /Ga/ and /Ko/ is pronounced /Ba/
Good horror?
in the mouth madness - old but gold. same actor as in event horizon.
Good horror?
Fuck You Ence
i'm supreme, older than 25 and i have studied mathematics at a university. faze are shit because the whole team doesn't work. their motivation was gone after losing the major final to cloud9. faze ne...
Fuck You Ence
but a good igl is just a good igl. not the mastermind you make of it. you can replace nitro with NiKo and they'd be even more successful. so now i'm out. bye kid
Fuck You Ence
you're too hard headed to see. i'm out.
Fuck You Ence
whatever it's a team game. everyone has to bring in his shit. you just make "great igls" of the igls of great teams.
Fuck You Ence
nitr0 was igl before without the success they're having now.
Fuck You Ence
and on astralis... is gla1ve the only smart player who can analyze and outplay an opponent?
Fuck You Ence
just trying to show you the obvious. why is liquid so successful? to they have the greatest igl of all time?