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Beat Astralis
just baiting fanboyz, anyway i am prophet smh xD i see in this team(faze) so much potential, its hard to create squad where all players are from same country so its good for ence perform well
Beat Astralis
Hello, im here just to mention that Faze won Blast, and i dont know if ence even took a part in this event. Have a good day fanboys.
Beat Astralis
I'm sorry, I am not watching this tournament, my opinion is based on latest major, where ence had easier side od ladder
Beat Astralis
Ok fanboy detected, they did, once, yesterday I mean faze while they perform well, rn just Niko as always keep performance
Beat Astralis
Ence overrated after major, imo they have no chance to do it... astralis unbeatable atm, my guess would be faze
Should I?
Greatest Polish Players in CS?
Best example of someone who actually following scene from 1.6 and someone who pretending to
I played against xseven on faceit once, but i bet he was drunk 0.6 kd xD even tho we lost 16-13 (47elo match)
Reaction time
220, but imo if u are playing, full focused it should be much more better i did 143 for one time as i tried to be focused like in the game, 144hz
best song
not my type of music, but should be okay for dm :D
Highest IQ player ever?
+1 for everyone who is following cs scene more than 3 years
rn vp is full skillbased team which actually isnt on t1-2 lvl, they must play more like a team, if someone was watching last match against ex fragers, he will understand what am saying about - half of...