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Wtf mens Aleksib has a girlfriend and he is handsome af and has the best hair in pro cs no doubt
Pasha also friendly muscle maen. But check Blamef instagram he was huge couple of years ago now he isn't 100% muscle anymore but still he is a giant
TOP3 Player 2020
1. Aleksib 2. Me 3. That one Russian guy I played with who actually speaked English and was nice and not toxic
Mens I'm short so he probably wouldn't even see me if he was trying to look down because of those huge ass chest muscles
Hottest CSGO Player
Aleksib <3
What? If I started watching CSGO in 2017 it doesn't mean I have been an Alekib fan since that? Been Aleksib fan since 2018 when he was in Ence.
Only from 2017 mens abd I understand why you think they are boring but I like them because they are maps literally everyone knows how to play so the games are more even and unpredictable you know
Mirage and Dust 2 best
how is mouz top 4
Yeah Mouz is better rn I was joking
Poland lost democracy.
I have been in Poland I was in Gdansk it was a beautiful city not gonna lie but talkin to some of the locals they were the ones complaining about Polands economics and living standards
No I'm not but keep telling yourself that if it makes you less depressed mens
No since I'm not fat or ugly. I'm fit and fairly good looking and I also have everything else in my life great. Just stop you're wasting your time thinking I'm getting mad
Yes amateur at football but in good condition Yes I'm blond but not pale and I don't care if OG lost Also I come from a wealthy family and having a great education and I also have the girl of my dre...
You are just depressed and trying to release your bad feeling on others. It can happen when you are a poor virgin who has no friends I feel sorry for you mens