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R.I.P. to:
+1 he is god with all weapons.
R.I.P. to:
Forgot Poopski.
Jetlag vs Jetlag
I think G2 arrived 2 days ago. I saw kennyS pic on instagram 2 days ago from Shanghai. Both still jetlagged. lol
Jetlag vs Jetlag
+1 I see that happening.
G2 vs Evil Geniuses
jetlag vs jetlag
G2 jetlag
name checks out brexit talking about brain lol
G2 laugh thread
I said this team won't work. Now -kennyShit +some good awper and -nexa+good IGL. Nothing more in his bag than fast paced T side and really bad reads on CT side.
G2 jetlag
shit team. I said won't work. I wanted them to add ZywOo at place of lucky and they made this shit move. Everyone though would work. lol Now since kennyS is shit -kennyS+someone else maybe s1mple,ZywO...
G2 jetlag
well flair checks out. Haha nt
G2 Fans
I've been saying for a while. This lineup won't work. I even made a thread of their chokes but kept my self optimistic.
Galil >>>>> m4?
I don't mind your statement tbf. You've been doing for quite some time. lol butthurt. If you don't know m4 has better movement accuracy than ak.
Astralis highlights
nice but not enough magisk or gla1ve
haha nice. Relying heavily on long shots and midfield to score. You won't get that many shots. Also your midfield is relying heavily on one man. Btw I like how Brandt plays and he can be that second m...
New knives
paracord in slaughter looks dope and skeleton in fade like in pics.
Steam being retarded
idk man stop it and try to verify files again.