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Turks (Erdogan supporters)
There are so many wrongs in each letter of yours but I'm really done with you. I wouldrather not reply amymore. I feel like I'm talking to a bot
Turks (Erdogan supporters)
You absolutely have brain damage all you're doing right now is wasting my time. That's what you get when you talk to any kind of extremist, I should've guessed. Whatever keep on supporting your cult p...
Turks (Erdogan supporters)
Yeah they do but just a few years earlier president of Turkey wasn't this influential in high court appointments it was parliament which had majority of appointments in high courts. Now it's the presi...
Turks (Erdogan supporters)
AKP isn't even close to being 25 years old Also accordi g to my google searches opposition had 46% of votes in last parliamentary election
Turks (Erdogan supporters)
He definetely doesn't have influence on high court "independent" judges which himself appoints right? How much more can you be delusional? Let us all see
Turks (Erdogan supporters)
Fact that they formed a coalition means they're together as an opposition. You definitely have brain damage. How does it being a coalition of parties not make it an opposition. Also afaik the ruling p...
Turks (Erdogan supporters)
The fact that you try to exclude 50% of a country as liars shows how immature your mindset is
Turks (Erdogan supporters)
That 80% definitely explains how nation of Turkey is literally divided by 2 halves. Don't forget opposition is always close to 50% whether you like it or not. You're such a delusional retard
Turks (Erdogan supporters)
Adolf was also elected
Turks (Erdogan supporters)
Expected from a so named turk arab wannabe. Never could've heard these extreme "opinions" from a sane mind from Turkey i suppose.
erdogan supporters booing french anthem
Then* i guess
Female models (CSGO)
Don't give valve ideas
Turkey 2-0
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! euro| euro| euro| KEBAB HEY HEY HEY
Faceit lvl 10
Why would someone who can't achieve himself buy tho? To get destroyed? Lol
BEST Military leader?
Osman had support from other Anatolian Beyliks just because they were the one fighting infidel Eastern Romans though