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ama semipro
what's the pro scene like in krygryzstan? also, is it safe for foreigner to travel to your country?
Real biggest fluke team list.
that's a cool flag. Which country is that? Sorry my geography is bad man. Is that Bra71L?
Real biggest fluke team list.
talking about Fluke teams without mentioning FLUKIA, u gotta be kidding me...
somebody's Somebodies vs zhokiNg Warriors
if you see how zhok1ng is handling his mouse, there is no way this guy lose a match!
Actual top 10 2019 (LEAKED)
Are you a joker? No HUNDEN, Ocean,m0e... you can't be real mate...
Actual top 10 2019 (LEAKED)
if this wasn't hoax, i'll do a shooey ayy
Godstralis is back in town bois
OMG... CSGO dead again... Astralis is killing everyone... GG
nadeshot shoey ytb
changing my avatr because of this LUL
How many girls have you dated?
That's a wonderful my friend. All the best! Trust me you sound genuinely cared about the girl. I'm sure she's the one you've been looking for. But rather, I jsut see a lot of people around me marry d...
I think he is probably uncomfortable moving out of Asia. Seems it's more of a personal factor than professional. I'm sure T2 or T3 European teams would be more than happy to pick him up right now!
How many girls have you dated?
seriously dated 2. Root and bail 5. Tinder dates: 30+ (All non-professional) But some of the best sex sessions I have had in my life was unfortunately (or fortunately) with a pro who I started to see...
How many girls have you dated?
including or excluding prostitutes?
NiKo Kovac kicked
Shouldn't you be Nukkye fans? LUL
NiKo Kovac kicked
I thought this was FaZe Niko... Nice bait my Polish countryman