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Name a genre and I name a good song
folk without being a Nationalist best anthem?
Your countries biggest mistake?
go and see a doctor please..if you also think that the earth is flat you can better leave and take off to mars
Low level FACEIT solo queue
sorry if this is something you already said or heart but i do not have time to read all the reactions currently. Search for friends, people that were nice when you played with them. gather them toget...
Sick Major Ideas
CS edits
Fiverr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDIA87zLN_Y&t=173s
sensitive and rank?
completely of-topic as usual i see xD
sensitive and rank?
cause of the surgery i am/was not allowed to use my shoulder so much so a higher sense is better cause i have to move less. that's also why i made the choice for a high dpi instead of a ingame sense s...
such a shame this
sensitive and rank?
highest rank mm: Supreme current rank: DMG faceit: lvl 7 sense: 3.000 dpi and 0.49 reason for sense: I had surgery on my shoulder and am/was not allowed to move it super much
How tall are you?
thank you, i know why are known for our heights but i still see it as a compliment (nothing wrong with being short tho)
How tall are you?
188 or 189 age: 17 predicted height when im full grown 191 (im one of the smaller kids in class)
felps cheating??
i don't know if its online or on LAN but with LAN there is always a referee looking at the team
age: 18 fav series/movies: Sherlock, hobbit and lucifer city i live in: depends on the time. either maastricht or dortmund fav csgo team astralis most hated csgo player: magisk or taco (used to be xyp...
Why is astralis era over?
+1 (from a Astralis fan)
How much money for traveling?
that depends! where do you live in Russia. how are you planning to go to cologne how good of a hotel do you need. tickets. food. hookers?