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How much sleep is enough?
On average, adults should optimally receive between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, but those needs vary individually. For example, some people feel best with eight consecutive hours of slee...
I guess your city
K E nothing special, big hint. On the border with germany. netherlands, limburg
what do you mean with how? one of will have a high ping, portugal and the netherlands are quite a bit away from each other.
very unfortunate that you are from portugal, i am looking for a new group of people to play csgo with. in team/organisation, but preferably in a community way. sadly i am afraid that portugal is to fa...
twitch seriously??
im disappointed in humanity
guess the country
didn't understand it, thought it was all for one country
guess the country
thank you very much turkey guy!
guess the country
1st world country with 3rd world problems
i personally think that this ''rapidly increasing coronavirus cases'' is a 1st world country thingy. our societies have grown so close that we touch so many people a day, a virus like this has no tro...
Do you eat FISH?
as much as possible. Not because its healthy, but because i like it more than meat.
covid19 prediction
i think this is reasonable.
Pro-life or Pro-Choice?
its a complicated situation as of course, this basically also happened with the joker (fictional but realistic). in my eyes its all about how financial able both persons are. don't tell me that no o...
Pro-life or Pro-Choice?
but some people have sex for the pleasure and are in absolutely no state or mindset to have a kid