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Natus Vincere vs mousesports
yeah they don't know their strats although navi and mouz played over 30 maps in last year and mouz roster only changed 2 players, navi changed edward for bombla, they know each other well
Best rap song from ur country
nu a razve ya ne prav?
Liquid vs MVP PK
6 vs 4 ez for MVP (stewie is MVP secret agent though) MVP YONGYUAN ZAI WO XIN ZHONG <3 South Korea will revenge them for HUAWEI!
Best rap song from ur country
ya ne govoryu chto ti govnoed kakoi to tam, prosto kazahi rovnie cheliki na dvizheniyax po ponyatiyam
Lazarus vs New Identity
no wrath no party, don't know how they won ovp
Best rap song from ur country
blyat strana gopnikov-mambetov, do six por po zvuku vo vremenax 2005 zastryali
Best rap song from ur country
>swedish music >arab migrants swedistan at its finest omegaLUL
NoChance vs Nordavind
more like degradation
Nemiga vs Epsilon
clash of trash at its finest
DETONA vs paiN
ye tru
DETONA vs paiN
I wonder how detona betters look like, haha, you have to be so braindead to bet on them
Todays musicians
Todays musicians: "Aha fak nigar bidch! I fak pussy smok weed so cool nibber! Just got a new car fak ayf affset quievo!! Haha niga shit vagina sperm penis new chain penis dripping sauce hairy balls" /...
OpTic vs Heroic
toxic? yeah. young? yeah I don’t care I bleed black and green I will die an optic fan burry me in my green wallbzip off idgaf as soon as i turn 18 in 15 years I’m getting a greennwall tattooed on ever...