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Impressive & promising teams atm
I know I'm a little biased but I think vitality have the potential to reach the top 5
Save the bees
Zywoo? Oh you mean bzzzywoo Yes men, he support the bees 🐝🐝🐝🐝 Bzzzz to you mens)))) 🐝
Worst Hltv User
Anyone who post politic propaganda here
Save the bees
That's the kind of thing I like to see in the forum, not some bullshit alt right / extreme left propaganda Also vitality logo is literally a bee 🐝🐝🐝, go support them to support bee mens)))) 🐝🐝
women on women
you didn't precise if you had positive or negative strong opinion on that, that's suspisious mister a-hole raper
I can tell your IQ
still wrong on the guess
People who want "Free" healthcare in America come here
Does healthcare work in france : yes Does france have a popullation big enought to compare with USA : not equal but is ok enough : 67 to 327 million Does france have a military : Yes 5th in the world ...
what makes you happy?
nothing really, stay out of the weeb shit, you can watch anime casually but don't reach the bottom of humanity by becoming a weeb. a good not weeby anime that i recommend is one punch man, not a lot ...
I can tell your IQ
wrong on the guess, nah it's actually a great country , one of the thing that lower my rating is the people
I can tell your IQ
1- i don't follow football but best of my country : zydane 2- It vary throught the years and what i want to listen 3- yes 4- 8
an other day, an other retarded brainwashed alt right men....
apex legends best
a french cs go pro player
I will tell IQ - True Edition
none jojo bizard adventure who ?
USA Left Wing
roman empire ?? napoleon empire at it's short peak ?? spanish + portugal commonwealth ??? great britain empire ?? and i'm forgetting probably around 10
USA Left Wing
you got a bit cocky here ,most powerfull nation ok , but not to ever exist...