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faze deserves this
i dont care if they lose. Atleast fucking play good cs. Look at g2, atleast they put up fight. Faze was just embarassing on mirage today.
faze deserves this
nah bruh.I was rooting for faze to make a comeback on mirage but after watching their play on site A, I just fucking lost it.
Nicest guy in pro scene?
ofcourse it's pasha my friend If you dont think so then you are not a friend my friend
yeah it was insane Fallen was hitting like guardian during faze prime in today's match. If you get spotted you are dead.
yeah.....fallen tore faze apart. Havent seen anything like tht in a long time frm any awper.
3-word cs go story
pls lord gaben
Moved to Nigeria
where did you move from?
Help with girl
damn bro i think she needs to mature more and have conversations rather than what she is doing. Right now sending those audio recs is not at all normal behavior. Get yourself a more mature girl and sa...
Help with girl
can understand if she did a 15 min rant on call but a 15 min audio bruh? she's crazy. Make a 15 min reaction video and send it to her.
mens))) dead meme ?
yeah community shold come up with new meme.
Next map for a rework
we all do but it needs a rework B site kitchen is a mess and many little details need to be sorted out. I hope valve will make it as clean as they did on inferno.
Next map for a rework
Do you have a bestfriend?
Im sure in uni's you can join a club and make some amazing friends. I did and are still in touch with me. Best friends are a longterm thing. So you need to be interacting daily which would mean findin...
what's the lineup?