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S1MPLE banned LOBA
That's not why he banned him and you know it.
He doesn't need to prove anything.
astralis era over
You're 6 months late.
Overwatch 2
Should've been just an expansion to the original, not another game. This is just another cash grab.
Brazil come here
Who cares about this sport? LMAO
s1mple with riffle
Is he even good with riffle? You literally need to use 5% of your brain to figure that out. Takes a minute on youtube to get that question answered,
s1mple cheater
There's absolutely no proof that he used "wallhacks". He was just banned. As far as we know, he could've been using skin changer or whatever, since he was broke at the time. Just either prove it, or s...
s1mple MOUSE
It's the same mouse he used before switching. What are you talking about? Divina S2, Pink FK1, they're the same fucking mouse! The same one he used last year and this year before changing. Also #4, #...
s1mple cheater
Yeah, because players should be banned just because you think so.
Joker movie
It was awesome.
Astralis broke the game
Yeah, they're fantastic as a team and individuals. It's easy to hate them honestly, but I don't understand how anyone could say they play boring cs. If anything it's the most beautiful cs I've ever se...
16-0 incoming??
Imagine thinking Ence actually had a chance of winning. It's a new level of delusion.
I don't know, but the dude is practicing right on stream, after just losing. You've gotta admire his work ethic, he just needs a better team.
What? He played well. He did what he could. If anything, Navi needs to get rid of Edward. Electronic also didn't play his best. S1mple played like a god and you can't ask more from him. It wasn't Zeus...