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Girl problem
just explain to her why you ignored her, be honest mens. she will probably understand and find it funny. if she continues to hate you then shes a bitch
best map of country
share plz
Which mouse ?
Cooler master mm710. I palm it cuz I have small hands but it weighs 58g. Has same shape as S2
Incels come
9/11 never caused a refugee crisis, it only worsened the existing one, by tightening up immigration laws and growing racial tension. Thats not even the point. You said we should have no remorse for FU...
Incels come
mate you're retarted. Oh YeAh HeApS oF pEoPlE dIe So WhY aRe YoU sAd? you actually are a shallow human being that clearly know nothing about losing someone. You have a great life don't you? fucking au...
im tired of school
it'll end soon man, just make friends and stay positive. it sucks but what else would you do? make the most of when you're young.
reason to not kill myself
suicide only hurts your family man :(. idk much about you but maybe your family doesnt like you? if so, fuck them, move on and find people that care about you.they will be your 'family'. you cant say ...
ngl vox had cooler branding and name
i know im just confused since there seems to be mixed info or whatever
I just find it odd that both coL and rng pull out of dreamhack during rostermania and when many organizations are currently searching.
They could get bought out by coL or 100t. Cuz it's sad :( that team basically represents all of Australia in cs, as cheesy as it sounds. And any identity change will be difficult to embrace.
Mens problems
why so many people have warped vision of left wing? :( i am left and care about EVERYONE'S issues. ben shapiro roast feminist epic style videos leaving bad stereotypes.
just smoked my first cigerette
enjoy lung cancer, natural selection at work. "you're cool" said no one ever.
Ence Sunny?
awful idea, should replace somebody else, not aleksib
Player + team
ngl this is sick