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Need for speed underground 2 and need for speed most wanted
Woxic mouse?
Because he is prob borned left handed!! stupid question mate
We have plenty of money in Denmark so its not that big of a deal but yeah its kinda disrespectful againts mouse and Fnatic not to show up
8 values
not even close to what i really am
Redditor kids hating on Pimp
well he can atleast speak english but yeah as i dane i also fine his accent annoying but thats how he is and we can´t do anything about it ;) i just appeciate his analytisk skills
Redditor kids hating on Pimp
We all know you hate him because of his very strong danish accent
Which pro do you hate the most?
Thats is what i call passion and love for a game and org ;)) if someone cant respect him for that than they're just delutional
Why do you want a MacBook?
Top 3 players of all time
Device has to be in top 3!! He is one if the most consistent player in CSGO! ever since 16 MVP 2 major. Have been in top 5 players the since 2015 yeah he might not be the most flashy player with th...
Denmark 5.5 million people United States of America 327 million people
Why is everbody so mean on hltv?
They just have an IQ and social understanding lower than avarage xD
Why is everbody so mean on hltv?
People on this site just cant respect other opinions
Cheering Astralis
Yeah that a very validt point ;) North they have amazing players but they cant really utillice them propper
Cheering Astralis
Than you not a true fan is you keep changing the team you rooting for!! i have rooted for Device, Xyp and Dupreeh since they played for Copenhagen wolfs so i see my self as a true fan and not some pla...
Just came to realise
Jeez NRG, NAVI, Astralis or Liquid could just have played better in the groupplay dont blame the brackets!!! Plus it makes perfect sense