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Super League WONT HAPPEN
it will, not in this format though.
Reason why SuperLiga is great idea
superleague itself isnt bad. the format is horrible though. i can see this being the initial move and things will be changed to implement promotion and relegation. that is the biggest issue i personal...
m4a1-s just needs a small increase in fire rate to make it even. A4 is a bit stronger but not OP compared to eachother. the a1-s is still a good option. the best thing is if you don't have to make a c...
too strongk? no way, is it stronger compared to a1-s, yes.
F1 2021 Predictions
pretty much agree with the things you say. personally, I think the McLaren car is almost on par with the red bull atm, or maybe even a stronger car. might be a bit of a controversial opinion. ELO?
i know but i like playing blitz and rapid and once you go over rapid it gets way too long for me ELO?
764, just terrible. Time always kills me and when trying to go against that i make early mistakes
mouz and dexter....
dont underestimate wisla though. MIBR can tell you all about that (sorry had to do it)
mouz and dexter....
"The awp is op"
perfectly balanced atm. its only OP if everyone drypeeks one by one which shouldnt happen at a higher level where utility gets used in a decent way. The only OP thing is deagle spam close range where ...
buff krieg
a buff in itself isnt really the problem, its the cost. if it gets reduced it might at least gets used in lower levels. lower recoil is also really needed
Mouz after chrisj
if you've actually watched the match you could see faze played like shit and mouz played quite well. with GODJ this wouldve also been a stomp
dexter and mithr worked together last year in renegades so that shouldnt be a problem. im pretty excited if he joins