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UK Terror Attack
Wow, that is the dumbest thing I've ever seen a person say on this site. Now consider america wasn't a backwards country and had stricter gun control / guns were illegal. You say don't punish law abi...
what's your IQ?
Yeah I've done a couple but that's the only one that I found on google that had been clicked previously. I have done one that was like an hour long but I'm not sure where it is. Like I said I know its...
what's your IQ?
I'm 17, I do tend to be above average at spotting patterns and have always done well in school. I wouldn't say I'm a 'genius' though (I suppose I couldn't really know without taking an official test ...
what's your IQ?
People have had higher, 165 is the max someone can normally achieve on a mensa test but if you take the test at 10 for example then you can achieve higher because of the way they measure the result. W...
what's your IQ?
I'm not sure. Obviously I've done those online tests that give you a stupid value like 192, but in terms of mensa Ive never done a test. I have done a mensa official sample test that doesn't give yo...
C9 fans
I mean, to say that the players aren't a problem would be ridiculous. They are not performing in the server, but I certainly agree that CS is not a priority of the C9 management anymore.
C9 fans
Well if Tim ends up going to Gen.G then maybe they'll be better. I only really like C9 for Autimatic at this point anyway, just want to see him win again.
You’re a grown ass man
Well this just isnt true.
Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses
This team didn't win a major. This team formed a couple months ago.
flusha cheated at some point
You big dumb huh
flusha cheated at some point
Just saying that clip is not evidence of him cheating. I don't know if he cheated and I honestly don't care, but admins stand behind the players. If he was cheating, they would have caught random bo...
'we'? I didn't know you were one of those 5 players.
S1mple picked niko-way. Boombl4 kick?
To be fair s1mple has always had a lot of input in the mid-late round. He's been 2nd calling for at least a year. I don't think he'll become the IGL though.
Top 3 best player of all time
If you're talking about CS:GO then maybe, but even still I'd disagree. If you're talking about all of CS you never saw Neo or Forest play.
Its personal preference. I use 1.6 400 dpi