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Cutest pro?
Xizt for sure.
[+18] Girl Skin Color
There are studies on this topic and yes white girls are considered the prettiest by all other races. It's rather obvious really.
holocaust didnt happen
Just because there isn't much proof doesn't mean it didn't happen.
best black pornstar?
Yep, this one.
Sam Harris
The is nothing factually wrong with his statement. What is the problem?
Astralis was only #1 because the other teams where in a slump. Now it's finally over, Faze will dominate 2019.
suNny to NIP?
Allu is a top awper, top 5 easily.
DDK annoying?
DDK is great, he genuinely enjoys the game and it shows in his casting. One of the best.
Williams F1 team
Still faster than Honda-McLaren
Bass Songs help fast
Just get the Sennheiser HD-600, you can't get much better for that price.
sweddens future
Sweden is a consensus culture and right now the people want muslim immigration. However, once the opinion shift, everyone will follow immediately due to the consensus culture. If it happens soon, Swed...
sweden come
No, the media tries to cover up the issues. But in some places it's not bad so some people still have no clue about the problems.
sweden come
Right, it makes no difference. And the voters are too indoctrinated due to school and media to seek and new alternatives. It's over for Sweden, but maybe others can learn from our mistakes.
sweden come
Yes, it's pretty bad and it gets worse all the time since the immigration continues on a massive scale.