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Virtus.pro vs forZe
expected, easy 11 odds on forze 2-0. https://gyazo.com/b52d3ca2759015295d27fb997a4c377a
Virtus.pro vs forZe
or just go for 2-0 forze with an 11 odds :D
OG vs G2
Gambit vs NASR
yeah it makes sense that the good teams fight the bad teams. if the better teams beat one another they get placed way lower then a team that only has to beat other bad teams and gets higher in the tou...
Liquid vs Dignitas
ye fuck america, all my news in europe full of shootings, and mainly from US, fuck that shit, tired of watching, figure your gun shit out, america, fucken blood spread america, probably more dangerous...
Gambit vs Virtus.pro
ez vp? doesnt seem like it
Gambit vs Virtus.pro
Can happen, CT economy is kinda broken. Losing 1 round = losing 4 rounds.
Gambit vs Virtus.pro
How much
I agree :D
so, I see you chanced your fav team. what do you think of degster? is 16-1 ing astralis convincing enough?
forZe vs EC Kyiv
kiro is doing well rn. I think zorte was jsut a stand=in
lacks structure? they have played year with eachother. they only switched a star-rifler. not a lot has changed
lets just say he has to potential to be on the top. He just gotta show that he is considend. there is not way to say now if he is better or not. they have not faced off yet. But he is performing well ...
so he can only be insane if he gets top 1 in 1 year of high lvl cs? even if he makes top 20 next year he would be insane. but we will see.
you can never know for sure. It was the same story for zywoo 2 years ago. If vitality would not have picked him up. Who would say he would play t1 rn. 1 man doesnt make a team.