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F0rest massively overrated
Even if Astralis didn’t exit, Navi will get dumped by liquid anyway
Dota2 = no skill
Loool The only reason why big was relevant is because Smooya carried ur Germany noobs, look where are U now hahaha
Dota2 = no skill
Yes Germany is a better region when they have 1 ti champions and 0 pro teams imao compared to 15 Ti champions... Germany brain loll no wonder u lost ww2
Dota2 = no skill
Last time I checked they have 15 winners? What are u on about imao
Dota2 = no skill
Rofl China 35 Ti finalist 15 winner.. Germany 1 Ti winner,,, let that sink in imao. Also don’t make us go over there and take over Berlin again
F0rest massively overrated
Can simple win atleast 1 major before u talk imao, overrated ruski
Dota2 = no skill
I mean TNC can’t even make to the minors but ok... Also Germany nazis and indog monkeys(who got slaughtered by nazis btw) talks about Dota looooool when ur shitty coutries don’t even have a team... h...
Dota2 = no skill
Talking about China Dota when they have 3 TI champion teams when indogs monkeys don’t even have a team... sad
Dota2 = no skill
Rofl dota2 is more entertaining to watch compare to Csfo u dickhead
TOP 20 Players ATM
Wtf is Niko doing on the list?
who can beat astralis
What the fck are u on about, Liquid 10-0 Navi recent games and most are stumps, liquid is way better than Navi u dickhead
Dev1ce GOAT
Coldzera is dog shit compare to device tho stop crying 7-1
Cus simple is a overrated trash
's1mple 0 major'
I mean he also won Mutiple champions leagues and Liga bbva so
[+18] hot women contest
Rofl if u think pornstars are actually rly good then u need go see a doctor mate imao, the one u mentioned ain’t even good u dickhead 😂