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TYLOO vs Panda
You know that douyu is the Twitch equivalent in China right? Probably making even more money then them with a legit app, why would they scam people with a "scam" app when they make millions in a legit...
TYLOO vs Panda
me neither but still managed to do it :)
TYLOO vs Panda
BTW if you want to watch in Full HD you need to download the douyu application, or it will automatically switch to some small resolution after a few min.
TYLOO vs Panda
finally they are joining the server...
TYLOO vs Panda
how long is this break wtf?
I got Surfshark
Game of thrones
"certified autistic" nice one 😆
Alien civilizations?
Alien civilizations?
Alien civilizations?
You asked a question but already answered it. "Universe is HUGE, we should notice at least some of them." That's exactly the reason why we don't notice them... Planet Earth is the 3rd smallest planet...
rate my cat
your cat 10/10 your camera 0/10
Respect Windigo
I never said he was cheating and he most probably wasn't, I just said it looks weird and thanked the guy for sharing the clip.
Respect Windigo
The clip has nothing to do with the reload, but rather with the last seconds where he directly aimed at a CT which was pretty far away.
Respect Windigo
Thanks for sharing, nice clip, missed that part. It's LAN so I am not that concerned about cheating but this surely looks like aimlock :) They have real referees, but they should be behind the player...
WESG ceremony????
he reads from a piece of paper which looks he just grabbed it out of his ass