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Liquid vs Cloud9
can you give me a little pls? lost everything today :D
FaZe vs NiP
They lost another fucking eco AHAHAHAHAHAHHA dickheads
FaZe vs NiP
Nip have bot threat Faze have bot spraybye Rest of nip > rest of faze Free 3 odds
FaZe vs NiP
Nice spray mr. shakebye a.k.a. disabled bot
Spirit vs mousesports
#608 Matchfix el classico
Spirit vs mousesports
Here comes default ESL "1:0, huge lead on 2nd map, 1:2 choke" script. Be careful.
Vitality vs Complexity
lost with VP from 1:0 11-4 lost with dogsent from 1:0 14-4 5v3 lost with heroic from 13:8 lost over 26.5 from 10:9 to 10:16 1FdzgpXditnjsCgcKWSeEkr6b9JzV6obMN maybe anyone have a couple extra cents, ...
Vitality vs Complexity
10:9 > 10:16 inc
14:4 up with a 5v3 situation* and 5v3 at 14:5 as well* 25 live odds
Virtus.pro vs Gambit Youngsters
Aaand they lost 4v3 afterplant AHAHAHAHAHAHHA After dust2 t-side it was 27:14 series score, and after that it's 9:21 now, THEY SUDDENLY FORGOT HOW TO PLAY BRO XDDD
Virtus.pro vs Gambit Youngsters
>clear match >losing 2v1 vs hobbot Man,he's just jumping with awp in clutch situation, idk how fucking more obvious this matchfix could be LMAO
Virtus.pro vs Gambit Youngsters
5v3 to 0v3 on ct-side What a fucking animals xd
Virtus.pro vs Gambit Youngsters
Yeah yeah yeah Last round 5v4 (500hp vs 320hp) My lovely CIS Zoo made me free money for +5.5 gambot after first half Now I hope Garbage.Pro will win my bo3 bet and we gucci Cis poorbags are the bes...
Virtus.pro vs Gambit Youngsters
Now we can see another day in CIS Zoo Monkeys that trying their best to throw their game
OG can't win even vs clownus bruhcere with a huge lead, so no chance vs ENCE with a cheater.