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isis is rip
What's going on?
Well, this makes me happy that losing only 6 dollars was enough to get me out of betting heh
Ban fast
They even helped with astroturfing in one of the site's AmA by deleting a thread lol
Big Bang ?
Well, if something had existed before us it had to appear somehow. And if you say it existed forever... Why can't it be this universe that existed forever? It's just not an argument here
Big Bang ?
You see, no one knows what was there and no one could ever know. Just don't bother about it or you can end up at a psychiatrist lol
Big Bang ?
No one knows. There was probably no 'before' or 'after'. No such thing as time. It existed in that state forever but it also didn't ever exist. There was nothing in it but also everything. It was an ...
tier 1 music???
Their fans seemed to somewhat hate this particular song, though. It wasn't similar to previous ones. IMO they found the perfect balance between melody, punch and singing with this one.
tier 1 music???
Something for everyone (from harder to softer (subjective)) Scorpions - Alien Nation Battle Beast - Eden https:...
tell me your sensitivity
3200 dpi 1 sens I play with CoD guns 😎😎
Languages you speak
Russian - native English - B2(?) Swedish - beginner
North vs AVANGAR
LMAO 13-0 half
Everything is Shit
WTF Valve?
"While it was seen as a boon that the platform allows for games with sexual content, the fact you have to log in, opt in, and look for the games in question means that games with LGBT themes are treat...