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After online
Same for ence tbh. They look good because Slaava is calling, but soon it's back to bot allu calling and they suck
Where is Sadokist?!
HenryG is so bad. He over analyzes every little move and things too much of everything.
Top 3 AWPers
Let's be honest here, it's 2020 so the list does not include none of these; Allu, kennys, guardian, jw, fallen.. Actually it doesn't even matter if it was 2015, still allu and fallen would have not ...
Overrated IGL
wait, boomich is considered as a good IGL? TIL.
Rate PC config
I haven't needed a spinning disc in 6 or 7 years, what you talking mens
RTX 2070 SUPER users come
6700k + 2070S FE, great combo even 5 years after the cpu launch
flusha ump??
in OT many CT opt-out of helmet just so save some money. Everybody assumes terrorists will buy ak's making the helmet obsolete, but every now and then people try to out smart ct's in this regard. And ...
Who is this clown, why does he look like preschoolers doodle book and last of all, why is he dressed like a girl? Don't get offended, i'm genuinely interested.
TSM drama
How is that conflict of interest? If co-owner of TSM was having sex with co-owner of ESL, that would be conflict of interest. Now it's just two people on the same team having sex
Hey wtf
Some one got some targeted advertising, but is denying it. It's ok bro, it's 2020 you can come out of the closet.
Is this true?
And this has something to do with science during early dark ages..?
Is this true?
Yes and no. Agriculture and math really advanced during early middle age. But crusades did slow things up as science was seen as bad thing and many scientist were killed as anti christs or witches.