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awp abusing OUT OF CONTROL
I don't think it's as bad as u make it out to be, it seems balanced enough in pro matches when teams are good with utility and kill trades, maybe a slight price increase wouldn't hurt.
awp abusing OUT OF CONTROL
so it's the economy change that is the problem?
awp abusing OUT OF CONTROL
how is price irrelevant when it costs almost 2x more than the AK? it's not 2x better in most situations.
HLTV-memes tier list
u are at my list
awp abusing OUT OF CONTROL
it's balanced in its price though lmao, it would be a massive problem if awper's weren't the highest rated players, how are people this stupid?
Bitcoin is dying???
nah it'll hit maybe $35-39k for a decent correction then do a face melting pump to $80k before another correction, cant just go up forever, markets always move up to find sellers then back down to fin...
Bitcoin is dying???
I staked $800 worth of ADA when it was 0.08c, its now worth $12400 plus the ROI from staking lmao
Ethan to 1100T Valorant
why would it be about the money? CS is all but dead in NA, cant be fun practicing against the same tier 50 teams every day only to travel to Europe and get destroyed in every tournament, more future f...
Crypto mining GPUs
also 5700xt is very efficient
Crypto mining GPUs mining ethereum right now is amazing because of the gas fees/scaling issues, get in before they eth2 releases.
stewie not shit anymore?
stewie10pm > stewie10am
you dont need to reply to this every time btc moves, I am aware, I trade this shit every day, my bag of cardano just did 20% though compared to btc 9%